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Interview Questions With Professor Roger Friskey

How to people within public relations give and receive feedback to one another? Public relations is very collaborative and those involved in a project are always communicating with each other: on the creative side, writers, designers, and media relations people are always checking to see 

Solving Issues

In public relations, one of the biggest issues is falling behind. What I mean by that is because of public relations and the ways in which people promote their brand is constantly evolving, and it is easy to fall behind if you don’t keep up. 

Common Genres

There are a wide range of genres and documentation that is used in the public relations field. A lot of documentation used in public relations are internal documentation that is usually reserved for each individual company. These documents might contain information such as the latest practices in public relations or new strategies or campaigns that could be tested by the PR firm or company itself. A lot of these documentations could also include things such as analytics on how their clients campaigns are doing and h….

New Public Relations Member?

From my research, in order to be successful in public relations, it is all about who you know and making the right connections. Like most professional fields today, while a college degree specializing in communications or public relations will help, having a connection will help 

Our Goals and values

Our common goals and values in the public relations field is to  properly communicate our message clearly to the public. In public relations, the main way we communicate is through writing and speaking. In order to be successful in public relations, you have to be 

Swales 6 Characteristics of the PR Community

According to the interview I conducted and the things I researched about public relations, the six characteristics that Swales created does apply to the public relations community. The first characteristic according to Swales is, “a discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals.” In public relations, there could be multiple goals, but the main goal is to serve the public by communica….