Common Genres

There are a wide range of genres and documentation that is used in the public relations field. A lot of documentation used in public relations areĀ internal documentation that is usually reserved for each individual company. These documents might contain information such as the latest practices in public relations or new strategies or campaigns that could be tested by the PR firm or company itself. A lot of these documentations could also include things such as analytics on how their clients campaigns are doing and how successful it is.

Any external or public documentation is usually reserved for those who are clients of the public relations specialist. These documents are usually templates of the work that they are going to do or have done for their client. Many public relations firms also maintain a public portfolio of all the work they have done so that it can lure in potential clients. Also many public relations firms maintain blogs that while they are available to the public, they are primarily used to communicate with others that are in public relations. The information that are in these blogs depends on the PR firm. Some of the blogs written can be relevant to those in PR or they can contain information that might not even have anything to do with public relations.