Interview Questions With Professor Roger Friskey

Interview Questions With Professor Roger Friskey

  1. How to people within public relations give and receive feedback to one another?

Public relations is very collaborative and those involved in a project are always communicating with each other: on the creative side, writers, designers, and media relations people are always checking to see they are on message and client facing people (internal and external) are always advising management on strategies, tactics, situational awareness and more


  1. What are some of the goals, values, and attitudes within the public relations field?

Goals, values, and attitudes in public relations should relate to communicating a message clearly, providing accurate and credible supporting data, and responding to media queries promptly and honestly.


  1. What genres (kinds of documents) do people within public relations produce and use? For what purposes?

Public relations professionals produce a full range of digital and print communications pieces as appropriate to the audience and the mission.


  1. Why are some new members successful in the field and others unsuccessful?

Most highly successful PR practitioners have sophisticated interpersonal skills, even temperaments and excellent writing skills across a range of platforms.  Unsuccessful practitioners tend to have none of these characteristics.


  1. How do people enter the public relations field?

People enter the PR field in a number of ways: journalism, marketing, copywriting, design, advertising, and even sales.


  1. What was the best advice you received when you first entered into the public relations field?

The best advice I received when I began was to read, read, and read…it is critically important to be able to understand an issue’s context and all of the organizational and cultural implications various public relations strategies may have. ¬†Also, strive to be the best, most persuasive writer possible…and always hit deadlines!