New Public Relations Member?

From my research, in order to be successful in public relations, it is all about who you know and making the right connections. Like most professional fields today, while a college degree specializing in communications or public relations will help, having a connection will help you get a job. According to my Professor who I interviewed, Roger Friskey, the best advice he received going into public relations was to read and to be able to understand the issue and the implications a public relations strategy may have.

Another constant piece of advice that I see is to be a good writer. My professor that I interview also described it as also being a “good persuasive writer.” Being a good writer would get you far in public relations because writing is one of the primary was of communication in that field. The reason being a good writer will get you far is that writing is one of if not the primary way of communication in public relations. If a public relations specialist is not a good writer, they would struggle in getting their message out to the public and would not fit in the community.

One final piece of advice that I found in a Huffington Post article was about promoting yourself by having a clean online presence. The reason I included this piece of advice in here is that many people do not properly use social media and might have inappropriate pictures, post, etc… that might show that they are not the right person to be in public relations (O’Conor 4-8). Being in the public relations field means that you have to come across as professional as possible on the Internet.