Our Goals and Values

Our common goals and values in the public relations field is to  properly communicate our message clearly to the public. In public relations, the main way we communicate is through writing and speaking. In order to be successful in public relations, you have to be good at both of those attributes. Writing and speaking can be done through a lot of mechanisms such as blogs, videos, newsletters, social media, or even email.

Another thing about the public relations field is being unique and creative. Because of the internet and how fast new methods of promotion are happening, people in the public relations field are constantly trying to find new and unique ways of promotion. In my opinion, the best examples of companies that run their social media accounts are companies like Wendy’s or Eat24 because of the funny and sarcastic tweets they put out and the way they reply to the public in general. The way they promote themselves on social media is also constantly keeping their company in the news thus promoting their brand in the process.