Reflection of Interview with Professor Roger Friskey

I decided to interview one of my communications professors, Roger Friskey, who has experience in public relations and marketing. When giving this interview, I rephrased the questions in order to fit what I was trying to figure out about the discourse community.

My key experience in conducting this interview was discovering how the world of public relations was really like and the wild range of skills and connections needed to succeed in the field. Also discussing public relations allowed me to reflect on how I felt about the field and how to be even more prepared to possibly enter that field after I graduate from college. It was also reassuring to know that a lot of the classes that I am taking now is preparing me for this type of job and that also those skills can be used in other communications fields that are similar.

The best responses that I received from this interview was first the response to question two on the goals and values of a person in the public relations field. The reason I found his answer valuable was that it focused on values that I personally hold when communicating to the public on honesty and proper and accurate research. The other response that I thought was useful was on question six on the best advanced he received when entering the public relations field. I thought the response was perfect because reading and actually being able to comprehend what an individual is reading is an important attribute in public relations and is something I have personally heard when I was growing up too.

I believe that this experience in interviewing my professor helped me understand the professional discourse community within public relations. It also helped me to understand what skills were needed in order to enter the community and be an active participant within it.